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5th Joint Workshop
“Urban Remote Sensing – Challenges & Solutions”
September 24-26, 2018 in Bochum, Germany Department of Geography Ruhr-University of Bochum


– Change detection techniques for urban areas
– Multitemporal analysis of urban areas
– Feature extraction strategies
– Extraction of urban areas
– Extraction of Buildings
– Mapping of road networks
– Urban heat island studies
– Data fusion for urban applications
– Modelling of urban growth
– Analysis of geohazards in urban areas
– urban environmental modelling
– Remote sensing and urban health
– Remote sensing and urban social science
– Urban simulation based on remote sensing
– Cultural heritage application with remote sensing
– Status of land surfaces in developing countries
Object extraction from InSAR data
DEM/DSM generation of urban areas and accuracy assessment techniques
Surface motion estimation from SAR
Analysis of urban spectral signatures
– Multisensor data fusion
– Pattern recognition
High-resolution airborne and satellite radar data
Applications of urban remote sensing to security and emergency
Urban and peri-urban ecological process modeling
3D spatial databases
Generation of 3D-city models
– I
nterferometric and radargrammetric Synthetic Aperture Radar with focus on complex (urban) morphology